TORTUOUS SHADOWS: An Avalon Valley Novel, Book 1 by Jennifer Parr – REVIEW!!!!


Tortuous Shadows by Jennifer Parr is a read that will definitely leave you emotionally wrecked… in a good way. With a plot line that fits the title almost poetically, the novel has an aura of mystery and romance that Parr has masterfully woven into her own underlying form of the supernatural.

I’m reluctant to give a summary, as it would be full of spoilers! The novel has a new twist in every chapter, and most of the concepts seem to relate to each other at the end. Some things are left in cliff-hangers, but I sense a sequel is in the making.

To give a brief “explanation”, the novel takes place in Avalon Valley, an old settlement established by Zachary and Judith Morgan. We vaguely get the idea that, due to a certain time in history, those who do not get married and have a child by a certain point in their life are destined to die an early death, bringing in the supernatural themes. The book tells the story of Aria Morgan, a descendant of the original Morgans, whose family has gone from being the most respected in the settlement to the most despised.

I don’t want to say anymore to ruin the suspense, but this is a book that should definitely be on everyone’s reading list. It constantly gives you a new piece to try and put into the full puzzle, giving it a suspenseful feel. Tortuous Shadows is a great middle ground between mystery, romance, and a unique new dystopian. Fans of Lauren Oliver, Lauren Kate, and Margaret Peterson Haddix will love this new read!

Happy Reading!



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