AWAKEN by Jaime Guerard – REVIEW!!!!

Awaken- Cover

Awaken by Jaime Guerard is a sensational novel that combines the life of a modern high school student with a dramatic supernatural edge.

Breanna Davis, or Bre, as her friends call her, is a completely normal seventeen-year-old girl living in Rogue River, Oregon. Just like any other teenager in her tiny town, Bre goes to school, deals with boyfriend troubles, has an outgoing best friend, and lives in a dysfunctional family. Every hour of her life is habitual.

And then the visions begin. Disturbing and somewhat morbid, Bre begins to see the lives of others, and their futures, through trances that come to her without warning.  Not quite believing what she’s witnessing until the prognostications take shape in the real world, Bre makes it her goal to save the victims of her dreams from their ill-fated ends. The book is not without its fair share of dangerous obstacles- the most frightening of which being the new girl, Eve, who keeps showing up in Breanna’s life and seems to know everything about her new found gift.

Awaken is a severely heart wrenching read. I was able to effortlessly relate to the characters, and found it easy to feel their pain, confusion, and worry. The plot twists will no doubt leave you gasping for air. This is definitely a novel for the emotionally strong-willed! Fans of James Patterson, Lauren Kate, Julie Kagawa, and Lauren Oliver will absolutely fall in love with this book!

Happy Reading!



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