“The Murder Complex” by Lindsay Cummings – REVIEW!!!!


The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings is a gripping novel that questions the boundaries of the human conscience.

Taking place in what was once the Florida Everglades, sixteen year old Meadow Woodson has never known a world without violence. The Shallows have a murder rate of three hundred victims per month, and anyone could be next. The Initiative seems to have no concern what so ever for their citizens, and harbor no qualms about flaunting their superiority.  To prepare her and her siblings for this gruesome world, Meadow’s father has created The Fear Trials, a harsh training program constructed to build their mental and physical strength while eliminating their fear and teaching them to trust no one. Meadow has never experienced the love of a parent through anything but pain and suffering for “her own good”.

Seventeen year old Zephyr James is a ward of the state. He is the clean-up crew of The Shallows. He and the rest of the orphans are ordered to complete the jobs that no one else wants – disposing of the deceased left lying in the streets, cleaning up the bloodstains, and much worse.

But Zephyr has his own burden to carry. He never wants to kill, but he just can’t deny the desires of his brain- even though his vicious actions completely conflict with his own morals. To add to his torment, Zephyr can’t seem to get these fluxing numbers out of his head… or his moonlit girl.

The Murder Complex is full of emotionally frustrating twists that kept me fully engaged for the entire book. The plot was completely unpredictable, making novel one of the most suspenseful books I have read in a long time. I particularly recommend The Murder Complex to fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maximum Ride.

Happy Reading!



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