“Bloodlines: Everything That Glitters” by Myunique C. Green – REVIEW!!!!

BETG cover

In her novel Bloodlines: Everything That Glitters , Myunique C. Green takes the common fantasy novel to a whole new level of creativity and drama.

Alizarin Trueheart has been nothing outside of normal for her entire seventeen years on earth. Besides her family’s somewhat tragic past, and some poor decision making on her part, Alizarin’s life has been anything but extraordinary.  However, she never realized how much her humanity meant to her until she lost it in an outlandish chance of fate. Now, faced with a  dangerous life filled with supernatural powers, another worldly family, and enemies who crave her abilities, Alizarin bears the weight of a long-standing prophecy that marks her as the savior of a world she hardly remembers.

I found the book to have quite a different style of writing than I have ever encountered before in a novel. The plot moves along quickly, and I got easily disconnected for the first several chapters until I became used to the writing format. It seemingly takes the shape of a script for a play, with just enough detail to give you the main picture. That being said, I loved the concept enough to stick with it until I could put it all together. If you’re feeling flustered while reading this novel, my advice would be to keep going – the snap of understanding will come!  Also (and it may just be the copy I received), there were frequent typos. They weren’t apparent enough to throw off my concentration, but I am slightly OCD, and so I feel the novel could use a bit of editing.

I would recommend Bloodlines: Everything That Glitters to the fans of Eragon, Inkheart, and The Iron Fey series.

Happy Reading!


*The novel contains a few highly mature scenes that should not be read by the younger generation. I would recommend this book to no reader younger than the high school level.


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