“The Mark of the Corripian” by B.H. Parker – REVIEW!!!!


The Mark of the Corripian by B.H. Parker is a spellbinding novel that skillfully merges supernatural elements with classic themes.

Set in the future, humans now live on the planet of Macathia, which has already been inhabited by the terrifying Kairian race. After many years on the planet, humans begin to develop “abilities”. These superpowers enhance both physical and mental skills and include everything from running at sonic speed to controlling the emotions of others. As all beings prefer to be with those of their own make, mankind divided themselves into two different countries. Solum, the more technologically advanced society, is home to all those with physical abilities. Those with mental powers live in Kedesh. The land in between remains in the possession of the Kairian.

Zenia Curser is a sitan, a runner, living in Solum. Although the Elders who run her country are very strict about not using abilities, Zenia was taught the legislative “blindspots” at a young age by her rebellious father, who is now dead. While on a run to escape the current complications in her life, Zenia witnesses a brutal murder. Caught in the act, the killer swears that he will find and “dispose” of Zenia as well. Zenia knows that she should tell the officials what she saw, but doing so would be admitting that she was breaking the law. Eventually, the Leaders learn her secret, shocking Zenia not by punishing her, but instead assigning an agent to get her out of the country – for  “safety”.

Xavier Patrocinor, better known as Special Agent Lev Flavyenté, is an anomaly. Originally from Kedesh, Xavier the only living product of a human and a Kairian. He has the strength and ability of the alien race, but the cultural upbringing and emotion of mankind. This makes him the target of more than a few vengeful groups. Now an agent in the Macathian Agency of Witness Protection, Xavier has little to no recollection of the past years of his life. When assigned to transport Zenia to his homeland of Kedesh, Xavier agrees, realizing that the trip may be the opportunity he has been waiting for to regain his memory.

On their journey, Zenia and Xaviar uncover connections that could lead to a full out war between the races on Macathia- and the only one who can save them all bears the mysterious Mark of the Corripian.

The Mark of the Corripian  was addicting. The story-line continuously left me on edge, eager to read on. It is definitely one of my new favorites, and I’ve now read it at least four times.

I would reccomend The Mark of the Corripain  fans of InkheartDaniel X, and the Virals series.

Happy Reading!