“Jaded: Nirvana Series 1” by Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie – REVIEW!!!!


Jaded is the first exhilarating novel in the Nirvana Series by Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie.

Throughout history, attempts of forming a Utopian society have been tried and tested over and over again as idealists search for the balance in human interaction. In the Virginia commune of Nirvana, the perfect mix seems to have been achieved by use of a social structure where citizens’ lives revolve around one thing – eye color.

While the community is severely lacking in most forms of progress short of the early twentieth century, the founders of Nirvana held key secrets to the complex world of optical science, which have been passed down for more than one hundred years. As children, all members of the commune are born with brown eyes, but undergo a surgery to change the color based on that of their parents. At the age of seventeen, children, with eye colors of green, orange, and purple, must chose a career based on the eye colors of their parents, who are either red, blue, or yellow. This process of choosing a life path has maintained stability for generations.

Although the system may seem flawless from a superficial point of view, Nirvana contains many secrets that only the most speculative would even consider. After the death of Ruby Red, Jade comes into possession of her late grandmother’s confidential diary. What she reads will change her life – and her perspective – forever. As Jade digs deeper into Ruby’s discoveries and theories, she begins to question everything that she has ever known. Her life in Nirvana becomes increasingly dangerous until there are only two options left to her. Stay and be severely punished for the knowledge she has revealed, or escape her home, which has become more like a prison.

Jaded was a unique read. I have never before encountered a book that so expertly combined a historical fiction with a modern mystery novel, while still including a futuristic touch that will enthrall the readers of today.

I recommend Jaded to those fans of the Divergent and the Delirium trilogies.

Happy Reading!


*Special thanks to the author for her support and faith in me… she was the greatest middle school guidance counselor ever (especially for a quite kid like me who never went to her office, but was sought out instead). Our lunch time book talks were the best part of my Junior High years! Best wishes in your new “life path”!

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