“Class of ’98” by A.L. Player – REVIEW!!!!

class of 98

If you knew then what you know now, would you do anything different? Jackie Dunn would. The blue hair, the wacky clothes… the relationship issues. When Jackie attends her tenth high school reunion, she is determined to show everyone how much she has changed, and how well she’s done for herself in the “real” world.

But even with her new blond hair and an outfit that actually matches, Jackie’s former classmates insist that she hasn’t changed. Not one. Little. Bit. That is, until she runs into Matthew Stewart, the old football star of  the Birdsey High Knights. The two begin to talk for the first time, having been complete opposites in their teenage years. Now with several years of life under their belts, Jackie and Matt wish that they could go back and change the events that affected them long after graduation.

When a strange storm comes and transports the two back to age seventeen, they’re shocked and confused, unsure of the consequences they could be creating by changing any part of their past, even if it is for the better. Jackie is terrified of jeopardizing the good in her life to eradicate the heartache, and begs for Matt to join her in living their past in exactly the same way in order to return to predictable lives in the future. But with knowledge comes the desire to improve, and both struggle to hold to history, knowing exactly how the story will end.

Class of ’98 by A. L. Player is an sweet novel that will leave readers feeling giddy with teenage emotions. Typically, I am not one to read mushy, romantic-type novels, but Class of ’98 proved to be a happy exception. I finished the book in one sitting, being completely enthralled by the story. I could not put it down!

I recommend Class of ’98 to those readers looking for a sweet read that isn’t completely relationship based. Although the novel did have plenty of emotional scenes, I appreciated the fact that there was a meaningful plot behind the romance. Fans of Rainbow Rowell, Meg Cabot, and John Green will love this book!

Happy Reading!


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