“Praefatio” by Georgia McBride – REVIEW!!!!


Grace Ann Miller has never led a completely normal life, but the discovery of her true bloodline and ascension to the position of “Archangel” certainly tops all. In the midst of a centuries long feud between angels, the Fallen, and a myriad of demons – of which she is the deciding factor – Grace is confused and tested as she attempts to figure out her true purpose in the life she’s been forced to accept. Following the tale of the angels’ sacred book, Praefatio, Grace must decide her path through a dangerous new world.

Praefatio by Georgia McBride is a fast-paced, twisting novel about the never ending battle of good and evil. I found the book to be intriguing, yet, with no better word to describe it, jumpy. The plot constantly shifts and is somewhat difficult to follow without complete concentration. That being said, I enjoyed the story and was able to connect well with the characters. The subject of angels and demons falls perfectly into the popular theme among today’s young readers.

Lovers of Maximum Ride, The Mortal Instruments, and the Hush, Hush saga will fall in love with Grace. Not only is she an emotionally dimensional character, but she combines all of the wit, sarcasm, bravery, and intelligence of enamored literary heroines. I was ever in awe of her development throughout the novel. As a reader, I appreciated being privy to Grace’s background and its effect on her future self. The novel is intense, and certainly keeps hearts racing.

 Praefatio  could very well be the next great chapter in the ever growing collection of celestial-realistic novels.

Happy Reading!


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